‘Final Fantasy XV' Guide: Complete ‘The Cursed Canvas' And ‘A Lost Painting' Quests

‘Final Fantasy XV' Guide: Complete 'The Cursed Canvas' And 'A Lost Painting' Quests
A complete guide, tips, and tricks on how to take on the linked side quests, "The Cursed Canvas" and "A Lost Painting" from Vyv in "Final Fantasy XV". Photo : Ip305/YouTube

Square Enix has truly offered players around the world with tons of stuff to discover and side quests to take on the latest “Final Fantasy” main installment. “Final Fantasy XV” packs a diverse adventure that consists of daemon hunting and even looking for the paranormal. Here is a complete guide for the related quests, “The Cursed Canvas” and “A Lost Painting”.

Noctis and his party will eventually meet a writer named Vyv once they head to Lestallum. Once they finally meet up, Vyv sort of coaxes Noctis into doing his bidding in exchange for keeping his as the wandering Prince as a secret. Noctis and his party take on photography assignments from Vyv for the latter’s newsletter, which Prompto actually is eager to take on.

Complete Vyv’s “The Cursed Canvas” Quest

“The Cursed Canvas” side quest is actually the final photo assignment from Vyv. Unlike his other assignments where Noctis, Prompto, and the rest of the party only need to go to certain (yet strangely dangerous) areas to take photos for the headlines, this particular quest involved much more than just clicking on the camera. Scenic photography might be Prompto’s expertise but this quest will surely give him a new experience.

The Cursed Canvass” can be activated as soon as Noctis completes Vyv’s previous quest called “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword”. Once the previous quest is done, talk to Vyv in Lestallum and the final quest will have the party to go to Altissia to carry out. Now, there are people who are saying that there is a glitch to this because the map does not indicate where the painting is actually is.

Finding the painting while roaming around Altissia does not complete the current quest. To find the painting, head to the Maagho diner's in Atissia and talk to the tipster to take on a hunting quest called “A Lost Painting”, since these quests are correlated. Once Noctis has accepted the hunt, “The Cursed Canvas” will then be completed. Completing Vyv’s final quest rewards the party 5,000 EXP and 25,000 gil.

Defeat The Chadarnook In “A Lost Painting” Quest

The hunt quest, “A Lost Painting” will tell Noctis to head towards the basement of the Secretary’s Estate, where the haunted painting is displayed. As soon as the party gets in the basement, a cutscene will be triggered, which will reveal the secret behind the curse. Prompto automatically takes a photo of the haunting event and the party can engage it in combat.

To follow up with Vyv’s “A Cursed Canvas” quest by going to Lestallum and giving him the photo, the hunt quest need not completed. Anyway, a Chadarnook emerges from the painting and is the bounty for the “A Lost Painting” hunt. A Chadarnook is a daemon in Altissia that can be hunted down any time of the day.

Chadarnook is a level 32 daemon that can inflict various status ailments to the party such as Mollified, Compromised, and Confusion. This ghastly daemon has 80,500 HP and has a strength of 5,600. It is vulnerable against the fire and holy (or light) spells so equipped powerful fire spells and gear up with weapons that have instilled with holy elements.

Defeating the Chadarnook will give the party 1,485 EXP and item drops of Moon Pendant and lightning spells. Completing the “A Lost Painting” hunting quest will reward Noctis three stars for the Hunter Rank, a Handkerchief, and 5,480 gil.

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