12 Overwatch Heroes Arrive In XCOM 2; 3 Best Things To Experience

Overwatch heroes have arrived in XCOM 2. The heroes have fought to stop the Omnic crisis, keeping the peace from Talon and other evil forces. Now, the 12 new heroes are expected to fight Advent, the known alien force in XCOM 2.

Overwatch Players Are Set For 3 Best Things To Experience

Reports indicate that some Overwatch heroes will transform to human soldiers such as Soldier 76 and Reaper. Also, the recreations are believed to be cool, especially the little touches that were given specifically to Ana's Quickdraw pistol skill, as well as the top-tier hacking ability of Sombra.

Moreover, Genji's Sword Build is reported to be less useful, considering that he lacks some damage in other fields, and the enemies have a massive ton of health. Based on this, it seems that the character has fallen off the tank meta in Overwatch. Nevertheless, the character builds have not been exported and uploaded yet.

Overwatch Players Expect Lunar Festival Items

Overwatch players are now expecting the items that are likely coming along with the Lunar Festival event, including the special skins that will be available to the Overwatch characters. Among these is the much-awaited Mei that has been promised to receive a new skin, since a lot of fans believe that the Lunar event is an ideal time to do it.

According to reports, some players shared their thoughts regarding about the upcoming items, with some taking to the Lunar Festival theme and asked for a firework-themed Bastion. On the other hand, some believe that D.Va and Mei deserve to get something, especially D.Va who never had a new skin since Halloween. Others, however, prefer the idea of a hanbok D.Va skin, although Mei in a panda suit was also a popular idea.

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