Alien Hunter Spots Major UFO Captured By A South Wales Police

An alien hunter spots major UFO allegedly hidden by a police officer from South Wales who recorded the incident. Following this, the enthusiast then requested to investigate the UFO sighting but has gained access after several months of asking. After seeing the video, he claimed that the mysterious object was similar to the recently reported UFO spotted by two Chilean Navy crews.

"UFO Truth" magazine editor Gary Heseltine has been seeking scientific inquiry to examine an alleged alien footage for a couple of months until given access just recently. The recorded footage reportedly was taken by a police officer through a helicopter in September 2015 in South Wales. According to reports, the video showed a spinning object which was at the same time levitating in the air.

According to The Sun, Heseltine said that he has since been submitting several Freedom of Information requests to the South Wales Police and shed light on the incident. He said: "I've waited until now to see how much information I could obtain from the police via the FOI requests I've submitted." As this alien hunter spots major UFO sighted in South Wales, Heseltine said that the police officers have not been transparent to the public about the supposed alien encounter. "What I can say is that in my opinion the police have not been as open and transparent as they could have been," he continued.

Heseltine says he requested for the logs from the officers in relation to the helicopter that captured the UFO footage. The logs he requested for include flight maps and the audio from the helicopter's fight deck. As reported by the Mirror, as the alien hunter spots major UFO, Heseltine claims that the incident has a resemblance to the case recently reported about the mysterious object previously spotted by the Chilean officers.

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