Guide To Enable 'Dark Mode' In Your iPhone Browser

The release of iOS 10 is full of real surprises as the update is packed with features that users are really craving for. However, up until now, there is a slight confusion as to how everything would be used. With this, Apple product's consumers would want to get tips and tricks as to how they could unleash the fullest potential of their iPhone products.

iPhone Reveals Dark Mode, Features That Enable Users To Use Device During Night Time Easily

One different feature of the iOs 10 from the others is the "dark mode" hiding inside it. Commonly, iPhone users don't know that this feature is readily available on their device. The said "dark mode" with the "Nightshift" feature enables the iOS 10-generated device to reduce its emission of blue light during night time.

This would make users sleep sound and better. Once enabled, it would also make your smartphone's background black with light colored text to make it more visible in low light. With this excitement, reports told that there is still no available system-wide dark mode feature as of the moment. However, it was reiterated that there is a dark mode feature in Safari that users don't know about.

Tips And Tricks To Enable 'Dark Mode' In Your iPhone's Browser

According to BGR, here's how you could enable the 'Dark Mode' from your Safari. First, you have to load an article in your Safari, click on the reader mode icon beside the URL bar. Once finish, users need to click on the "aA" icon that is visible on the right side of the URL bar. A drop down would be seen that would feature black circles. Tap it and it would easily enable the dark mode in your browser.

This would really be a great news for people who are spending so much time reading during night time. As of the moment, people are also waiting for the iOS 10.3 update that promises great features.

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