Grand Theft Auto V Latest News: Video Game Being Used By OpenAI, Deep Drive To Train Self-Driving Car Agents?

Recent developments in the car industry seem to indicate that video games will be useful in making self-autonomous cars safer on the road. A non-profit research company has been using Grand Theft Auto V< to teach self-driving car agents to drive more safely. In effect, the fantasy world of video gaming is now finding usefulness in the real world.

Grand Theft Auto V Is Training Computers

Actually, Grand Theft Auto V is being used to train computers which are designed to control self-autonomous cars. With this video game, the computer scientists and researchers are able to access an almost real-life and diverse world of GTA 5 to create and test artificial intelligence. It's a lot safer this way since there will be no actual cars that will be tested on the roads.

It Is Probable That Elon Musk Knows This Project

The DeepDrive project involving Grand Theft Auto V is being initiated by OpenAI, a non-profit research company that was organized using considerable help from Elon Musk, chairman of Tesla Motors. In this research project, self-driving car agents are trained to drive AI-controlled cars. But the user must use a legitimate copy of GTA 5.

According to PC Magazine, the Universe agent will drive the car using the environment of the video game. There will be no input from the player of the Grand Theft Auto V except those that are provided by the game settings. Elon Musk did not provide any information whether his company will use this set-up in training Tesla self-driving cars.

The Environment Of GTA 5 Is Being Used By The Self-Driving Car Agent

The self-driving car agent of this project can drive in different weather conditions of Grand Theft Auto V. It is also able to react to the game's changing traffic situations. In addition, the collaboration of OpenAI and DeepDrive project has slashed the preparation time required in setting up this type of research. Instead of one day, the time was cut to just 20 minutes.

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