FIFA 17: New Update Released, Multiple Patch Notes Cited

FIFA 17 is still one of the best games we have today. However, there are countless reports from their legions of fans that some of their gameplay is not properly working.

Fans from each side of the globe were mesmerized when they released FIFA 17. During its first week of release, they were able to break sales record and received positive feedback from the gaming world. The game started very smoothly but as the months progressed, some of the players reported issues about some features of the game.

FIFA 17: PC Update 4 Released

The developers of the game didn’t waste any time when they were able to check the glitches themselves. According to a Reddit user, the errors or problems in the game are not that fatal but very irritating. That led to EA Sports in creating a new update called Update 4. The latest patch not only resolves minor issues but also upgrades some of the features of the game. If players were having connectivity issues or quality issues before, they will now notice that a five bar system will show on the screen.(any number lower than that is considered as low quality).

The latest patch also eliminates Ultimate Team in setting up custom player positions. As reported, most of the players are irate when they are facing other teams using this “glitch” during a match. Also, one of the biggest issues of the game is the phantom pass. It is where a player suddenly passes the ball without pressing the pass button.

FIFA 17: Patch Notes Update

As stated on top, the new update was able to fix numerous glitch and here are some of them. Switching a high rated player with a low rated player is no longer possible. Latency bar graphic is updated. Weekly budget in career mode is already synchronized with the actual weekly wages. For the complete list of the patch notes, you can check it right here.

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