Here Are The Three Heroes You Should Use In Overwatch If You Want A Solo Gameplay

Blizzard made sure that Overwatch  is enjoyable even if played in multiplayer campaign. However, there are players who prefer to fly solo even if engaged in a team play. The good news is that there are three players that are better played in solo gaming.

Mei Can Give More In A Multiplayer Campaign In Overwatch

Mei's character was popular when a controversial update was released during the Christmas event in Overwatch. Nevertheless, Blizzard has created the female character to have better features such as her versatility and skills in the game.

According to PVP Live, Mei uses her wall to divide the enemies into half and will eventually kill the other opponents that are within the location. The players should take note of the hero's ultimate because it can also be a big help to the team.

It Is Obvious That Roadhog Is One Of The Effective Heroes

Roadhog uses its hook in order to be powerful and to kill anyone who blocks his way. Once the enemies are hooked by the raging hero, the teammates now have the opportunity to slaughter them and the team will emerge victorious after a match.

As per PC Gamer, Blizzard will still work on Roadhog's hook and has some fixing to do to ensure its effectiveness and to provide balance in the game. In addition, the developer has admitted that the hero needs to be nerfed.

Widowmaker And Her Ability Maximized

Since Widowmaker is a hardcore shooter, once she fires, the enemies are sure to be killed in the multiplayer campaign in Overwatch. But the players can only use the hero's skills if they can get the proper angle to shoot their opponents.

However, Widowmaker has a lot of haters in Overwatch. According to Game Rant, even those who are familiar with the shooter's capability, they are still waiting on what Blizzard is planning to improve the ability of the sniper.

Players are still interested in playing Overwatch despite its flaws and issues. Hopefully, Blizzard will be able to make the adjustments needed for a better gameplay. There are a lot of heroes that players can choose from and it is always up to them as to how they can be the best among the rest.

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