Watch Dogs 2 News: Free Trial Is Live In PS4 And Will Be Arriving Next Week On Xbox One

Ubisoft is letting the curious gamers try Watch Dogs 2 for free. The demo version of the game will be available for PS4 and Xbox One. However, the developer will not let the players enjoy it for an entire day and that is why they should grab the chance that will be given to them.

According to GameSpot, the demo version of Watch Dogs 2 will be playable for only three hours. It is either good or bad news but it is certainly a good marketing plan of Ubisoft not just to gain more fans but to earn more profits of its thrilling game.

The demo version of Watch Dogs 2 will include all the features such as the single and co-op campaign that are present in the full version of the game. However, before the players can even download it in PlayStation store or Xbox Store, they must have online membership.

If the players have decided to purchase the full version of the game, Ubisoft has assured them that their progress in demo version of Watch Dogs 2 will be transferred in the full game. This means that if the players did well in the trial, then they will not be starting over again.

As per VG247, players can now download the demo version of the game in their PS4 consoles already. However, for those who are using Xbox One, they can have the demo version of the game on Jan. 24. For gamers who are using PC, it is not sure yet if the demo version of Watch Dogs 2 will be accessible in the platform.

However, Ubisoft has offered a discounted full game of Watch Dogs 2 that costs $40. The developer did this because of low sales recorded compared to its predecessor. The developer is positive that its latest plan will work.

Even if Watch Dogs 2 has lower sales, Ubisoft is doing its best in order to make sure that its action-packed game will be more appreciated this year. Hopefully, the non-believers will be able to see how great the game is.

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