Pokemon Sun And Moon: Rare Pokemon, Where And How To Find Them

Pokemon Sun and Moon has a lot of characters. But finding and catching a rare type or even legendary Pokemon is very satisfying. Once you have this on your team, you are unbeatable. However, before you try to get hold of these Pokemon, you need a guide on where and how to catch them. Photo : Verlisify / YouTube

There are certain things that make a game very addictive. It might be the gameplay, the graphics or the story lines. However, the most satisfying moment for any player in this game is, when they catch or collect legendary or rare Pokemon.

Collecting rare Pokemon is never easy. You have to have a lot of patience and a little bit of luck for you to be able to capture this type of Pokemon. Some players tend to do it by trial and error, while others look for a guide. Both methods are okay but having a guide will save you more time. We’ve read multiple threads about players having a hard time catching rare Pokemon that’s why we created this list. Here are some of the rarest Pokemon and their location.


Probably the trickiest and hardest water/poison type Pokemon to get hold off. Mareanie is located at Alkala Island right at the bay. Once there, players need to go to one of the rippling fishing spots. Before you attempt to catch this Pokemon, you need to have a lot of dive balls, some adrenaline orbs and a lucky fishing rod. Players need to find Corsola and if they are successful, they need to engage battle(SOS) immediately. Corsola will then ask help from Mareanie.


Usually located at Route 8 and coast of Poni Island, this fearful bug can be found moving rapidly in the Alola region. Finding Wimpod is challenging and catching this bug is a handful of work. Most players suggest that the easiest way to catch Wimpod is by using Tauros’ charging ability. However, players need to be more careful when engaging or attacking this Pokemon. If his HP reach 50 percent, he will automatically flee away from the battle.


Dewpider, a character that only appears during the day. This Pokemon only shows up at Brooklet Hill. You can reach his destination by riding around Lapras back and soon enough you will encounter a Wimpider. There are two options if you are trying to evolve this Pokemon, either it will turn out as Araqunid or Dewpider. If your goal is to get Dewpider, then just head down to Brooklet Hill.


Maybe the hardest Pokemon to catch on this list. Jangmo-o can only be caught late in the game. Finding its location is confusing as well. Players need to search for a Totem Pokemon which is located at the Vast Pond Canyon. For those who aren’t familiar with Vast Pond Canyon, it is situated on Poni Island and is the fourth destination of the Trial Challenge.


The only players who are qualified to get this Pokemon are the Alola Champions. Finding Cosmog requires a lot of travelling and players should bring a legendary box with them. The first encounter with Cosmog usually happens in Poni Island. Once there, players will find a small portal where players can interact with it. This will automatically bring them to another dimension where Cosmog is located. Cosmog is hard to catch and very weak to be part of your team.

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