NES Classic Edition Stock Update: ThinkGeek Got New Stock And Is Raffling Them Out To Prospective Buyers

Good news for those still holding out hope that they can still get the rare NES Classic Edition... ThinkGeek wants you to "party like it's 1985!"

ThinkGeek has scored some mini NES Classic consoles and is planning to raffle out the chance to buy them.

A quick peek at the ThinkGeek website will show that the American retailer which promotes "geek culture" has announced that it has received NES Classic stocks and is looking to hold a draw that will choose the lucky people who get a chance to purchase the mini NES.

Those interested need to visit their website and then enter their names and addresses to be included in the random selection. Once chosen, the prospective buyer will be notified by email and informed of the process to go through with the purchase.

As of this writing, the website indicates that there are only four days to go before it ceases accepting entries for the raffle.

The retail chain, which has ten branches across the U.S., did not indicate how many units of the mini NES is sitting in its warehouse right now. The website only mentioned that it has "received a shipment" of the console.

This is not the first time that ThinkGeek resorted to this kind of gimmick. In December last year, the retail company also raffled out the chance to buy the NES Classics. At the time, the chosen entries were selected by Timmy, ThinkGeek's resident monkey/spokesperson. The winners were given 24 hours to use the code provided them. Those who failed to do so lost their chance at the NES Classic and the company consequently had to choose other entries.

Nintendo admittedly botched the supply of the NES Classic Edition as they did not anticipate the demand coming from the younger generation. It did promise that it is working on meeting the demand as soon as possible.

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