Clash Of Clans: Why Gamers Should Install Optional Update

Clash of Clans developers have reportedly rolled out an optional update the bug fixes from the Clan Castle display errors and troops. However, it has been noted that the update may remove the December's Winter Update winter theme as well. In the meantime, two new events have reportedly been announced including the Jump Spell Promotion and the Wizard event.

Free Update Improves Game Performance

The Clash of Clans update is said to improve gaming on older devices as well as smartphones by optimizing memory. Note that Clash of Clans players may not be obliged to get the update. However, it has been revealed that the update may provide the best experience for Clash of Clans gamers.

In addition, the Clash of Clans developers have also revealed that the Jump Smell Promotion has been released reducing elixir from 23,00 to 2,300 depending on the level the player is in. Note that the event is reportedly not directed to any challenge as users may directly opt for the resource discount without the prerequisites of any challenge. Furthermore, the offer reportedly ends on Jan. 19.

Additionally, the Wizard event is slated to be released for Clash of Clans gamers on Jan. 21, 2017. It is expected that the event would be akin to the Jump Spell Promotion when it comes to the special resource discount. On the contrary, the Wizard event may require the completion of a challenge before availing the discount.

First Spell-Based COC Event

In other news, the Jump Spell Promotion is said to be the first Clash of Clans event with a theme focused on spells. Clash of Clans players may note that the limited spell reportedly allows troops to scale walls. Furthermore, the limited spell reportedly becomes very effective at Town Hall 9 and above.

Clash of Clans players may also note that jump spells may be used with the wall breakers to get into the interior of an enemy's base quickly. Clash of Clans players may also opt to pair jump spells with a good air attack. Note that the update and events are available on both Android and iOS devices.


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