Clash of Clans News, Update: Iran Ban Could Lead To Larger Take-Down Of Similar Games; Gamer Community Takes Action

Clash of Clans and several other games from Supercell are reportedly experiencing problems in Iran. Apparently, Clash of Clans players may soon get blocked from playing the game. In the meantime, a dragon event has just gone live.

Latest reports claim that the Atty. General in Iran Dr.  Abdolsamad Khoramabadi reportedly made the decision to ban Clash of Clans in Iran. Apparently, Khoramabadi's office reportedly received recommendation from the Committee for Determining Instances of Criminal Content to ban Clash of Clans in their country. Apparently, psychologists have reportedly determined the game's content to be a negative influence to the people of the Islamic Republic, especially with the youth.

Strategy Games Including The Mobile Platform May Get Banned In Iran

Clash of Clans may not be the only game to get banned in Iran. Rumor has it that a larger ban on similar games including mobile strategy games may be banned as well. Reports claim that players  in Iran have reportedly started to experience connection problems in Clash Royale which is said to be a hit mobile game from Supercell in Iran.

On this note, the gaming community in Iran reportedly rallied together directed to the IG page of the Minister of Communications Mahmoud Vaezi. It should be noted that Instagram is said to be the most popular and continuous social media site in Iran. Clash of Clans fans reportedly noted that there are around 5.5 million players solely in Iran.

Twice The Star Bonus For Clash Of Clans Players

In other news, Clash Of Clans latest event on January 9 and January 10 reportedly rolled out with twice the star bonus for its players. In the meantime, the Clashmas Event has already ended. However, the Dragon Event reportedly went live last January 7 packed with rewards and discounts.

Clash of Clans players may reportedly get into assaults with three dragons to win multiplayer battles. Furthermore, Clash of Clans players may get 300 XP as well as 30 gems for winning 3 consecutive attacks. Additionally, training Dragons has reportedly been discounted to 2,500 Elixir only from 25,000 Elixir.


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