Google Admits Hardware Problem Of Pixel Smartphones, Company Offers Warranty Service

Google's Pixel and Pixel XL are receiving great reviews from the time it was released on the market up until today. Its physical appearance and specs are one of the indicators that it is really the hottest and the greatest Android phone to date. But despite all the success that it is getting, the device still faces issues as users report that it is having its battery problem.

Google's Pixel And Pixel XL Faces Battery Problem, Would The Company Perform Remedy?

According to BGR, the Google's Pixel and Pixel XL are real winners as it packed with the latest software update Android Nougat. Reviews told that its speed and function are way better than the usual handset that we are getting. However, the greatest smartphones still receive a great number of bashes from the time it debuted last 2016.

The problem that the device is currently facing imitates the current problem of the iPhone users. With this, Google explained the reason behind the issues in one of its comment from a Pixel owner.

Sources told that the battery life of the device is quite an issue as it drains faster than the other smartphones in the world. But recently, it was cleared that there are certain numbers of Google's Pixel and Pixel XL that experience the said problem.

Google Pixel And Pixel XL's Users Admit That They Experience Audio Problem More Than Battery Problem

However, it was revealed that the real issue of the smartphone's users is not the battery problem but the audio problem. One consumer showed that the sound of his device is cracking and distorting when sounds are played on its highest volume.

With this, Google gave out their explanation and stated that there are just selected devices that are affected with this problem. They also reiterated that they would never do a refund for the defects but would offer warranty services for it.

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