Vertigo Lets You Share Your Music To Others Real Time And Beat Per Beat

By stphntapulao , Jan 19, 2017 07:04 PM EST

There has been a wide range of apps that tried to give music the platform in social media. But despite all the hard work and efforts, they drastically failed. But recently, developers hope that this would be the great year for music online as they introduce Vertigo, an app that would change our perspective in online music.

Vertigo Introduced This Year, Would It Defeat Dubsmash And's Popularity?

According to Tech Crunch, DubSmash and have been one of the leading music apps last year. But today, a new app has been introduced that would give a chance for online music, the Vertigo. The app is made to let users share their music, to a person, to their groups or to a random stranger.

The sharing app would not be just like any other as the music would be shared beat by beat. This would actually mean that those people far from you could listen to the same song at the same time using the Vertigo, a perfect way to connect to people who you've missed for a very long time.

Vertigo Partners With Spotify Premium In Achieving Music's Fullest Potential Online

On the other hand, Vertigo also cares for the music's illegal distribution so it partners with the top app, Spotify Premium. The app would connect to the Spotify Premium of the users and it would immediately approve or activate the songs that people could listen to legally.

Its founder Greg Leekley believes that it would be a huge hit for the young millennials and Gen Z, their target market. As he stated:

 "The young demographic doesn't separate what happens in their virtual lives from what happens in the real world,"

"And when we asked them, they were more interested in hearing songs that their friends were listening to than celebrities."

The Vertigo is in highest hopes that it would partner with other music-streaming services in the online community. As of now, the app generates interesting features that people would definitely love.

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