NBA 2K17: Few Bugs Fixable In New KB, NBA Players Wants Game To Be More Realistic

2K Sports has proven throughout the years that they are serious with regards to making their fans happy about their game. It’s been approximately 4 months when they released NBA 2K17 but they are still providing progress.

The 18 installations of the basketball simulation game are not the greatest we have right now. However, they are considered the best because of many reasons. NBA 2K17’s career mode should be a blueprint to any developer who wants to create a game with multi-functionalities in this mode. Also, the graphics is a lot better compared to what they have in the past. The game is more realistic, unlike before that it is very easy to score or dunk if the players have these attributes.

Although NBA 2K17 has come a long way, there are still a lot of things that needs to be fixed. These concerns or bugs were raised by avid fans of the game. For example, there’s a minor glitch during a timeout that the players won’t be there on the bench but seen staying on the court. This might be a minor issue but most fans are irritated by it. Maybe the biggest issue that NBA 2K17 is dealing would be the connectivity issues. But, don’t worry, they have it all figure out. Let’s check some of those concerns below.

NBA 2K17: Connection Issues And Solutions

For online mode in NBA 2k17, you have to check 4 distinctive reasons why you are having issues. First, check the server status page and make sure server is online. Second, Verify if there are any known issues by checking their official page or the console’s website. Third, like any other connections, check cables if they are properly plugged in. Lastly, perform a connection test on each device that is trying to connect in the network.

NBA 2k17: NBA Players Wants The Game To Be More Realistic

To recall, it was few years ago when Hassan Whiteside from Miami Heat called out the developers of the game about his NBA ranking. Technically, a lot of NBA players doesn’t agree with the ranking but most of them are more concerned about how they look in the game. Boston Celtics Isaiah Thomas shared his thoughts about how he should look like on the game and Kenny Smith said it right during a segment on NBA on TNT. Charles Barkley doesn’t look like Charles Barkley in the game.

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