Pokemon Sun And Moon: Best Shiny Pokemon Revealed

Top 10 Best Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Moon
Probably the most exciting added feature on the Pokemon Sun and Moon are the Shiny Pokemon. This doesn't really help boost out any character but it surely looks cool once you acquire them. Photo : Jethrotex / YouTube

A new generation of Pokemon has been introduced for quite awhile right now. There were a lot of discussions already about who’s the strongest, the weakest and even the fastest Pokemon. However, we can include there one topic that is really fun to talk about, which is the best shiny Pokemon?

Now here me out first as I slowly discuss this topic. Some of the players who are not familiar with this feature thought that if a Pokemon was tagged as a shiny Pokemon, they are perceived stronger than the rest of the Pokemon. We will debunk that theory as we speak because being tagged Shiny Pokemon doesn’t do anything to those characters.

Basically, shiny Pokemon means they have an alternative colorway when it comes to their appearance. Getting a shiny Pokemon is extremely hard. On a recent thread on Reddit which is focused on Pokemon Sun and Moon, most of the players stated that there’s 1 in 1000 chance to get a shiny Pokemon. We also gathered information from a lot out Poketubers about this topic and their answers are identical with those bloggers.

Currently, there are at least 802 versions of shiny Pokemon discovered. If the numbers are correct, we are only at around 20% in covering all those shiny Pokemon. Although there are some guides about finding these set of Pokemon, trying to get them is like hunting a ghost. Here are some of the Best Shiny Pokemon that we have so far.

Tapu Fini(Water/Fairy Type Pokemon)

This Pokemon looks majestic and mysterious at the same time with its new shiny colors. Tafu Fini is one of the most rarest Pokemon you’ll ever encounter in the game. Her abilities include purification of mind and body. Her special attack is called Tapu’s Fog. It is where she creates a thick fog that eventually leads its opponents into destroying themselves.

Vikavolt(Bug/Electric Type Pokemon)

Vikavolt is part of the new generation of Pokemon(7th gen). This stag beetle Pokemon already received an upgrade from the developers when it comes to its appearance. Vikavolt is versatile in the battlegrounds. He can fire an electric beam from his mouth which provides devastating damage to its opponents.

Golisopod(Bug/Water Type Pokemon)

Another generation 7 Pokemon which is known for its Hard Scale.The original color scheme of this Pokemon is a grayish off-white color. With the new update on shiny Pokemon, Golisopod receives another color added on his shell. His attack rate is off the charts and his defense rating is one of the highest in the game today.

As stated by a renowned Pokemon trainer. Getting a shiny Pokemon is not really a must in the game. However, it can add excitement to it, especially when you are trying to find one. The developers of the game showed their testament of work as they try to keep finding ways on how to make the game much better.

Sure, those shiny Pokemon doesn’t really mean nothing right now, but knowing Game Freak and their history, they might surprise us in the near future.

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