Nintendo Switch And Sports Games: Success Or Failure?

One of the biggest news in the last few weeks was the official announcement of the Nintendo Switch coming to the market this year. The new console, priced at $299.99, had many people getting excited and hyped, as always been the case with the announcement of a new system.

For fans of sports games, the appearance of NBA 2K18 in Nintendo's announcement trailer, along with 2K's confirmation that the game will definitely be featured on the system was a revelation that had people talking.

Sports games for the Nintendo Switch?

EA Sports also jumped into the fray and announced that a version of FIFA will also be brought to the Nintendo Switch. One of the questions that were asked of EA's executive VP Patrick Soderlund was whether Madden would also be making an appearance on the system.

His answer was a mix of optimism and a wait-and-see approach.

"We are definitely supporting the platform. We are not announcing anything yet, but you can definitely expect us to be there once the platform launches and rolls out," Soderlund said.

Issue with Sports games on the Switch

So we have NBA 2K18 and FIFA already confirmed as well. With all the excitement with the Nintendo Switch and its inclusion of sports games, everyone was pretty much hyped and excited. However, a recent tweet from Tom Phillips, deputy news editor from Eurogamer, made people think twice yet again.

According to the tweet, the Switch edition for FIFA will not be made using the amazing Frostbite game engine. It will instead be using the last-gen PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game engine, which will bring the quality of the games down immensely from the current versions of the games and will make them almost unplayable.

For FIFA fans that already own a PS4 or Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch poses little-to-no appeal.

Will it be successful?

With the launch of a new console, it was a mission for Nintendo to get two of the biggest sports titles on the market. Now, it will be a matter of whether NBA 2K and FIFA will strive on the Nintendo Switch system.

With so many rumors about the success of these sports games on the Switch, all remains to be seen once the console officially rolls out.

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