Lawsuit Isn't Stopping GTA 5 Executive From Having More Studios

One of the things that gave GTA 5 a boost on its popularity of recent memory is the ongoing lawsuit of its former executive. It's no other than Leslie Benzies. While one would think that this old boss is under a lot of pressure, what's actually happening is the other way around. Well, that's because he's venturing towards creating new studios.

According to a report from The Scotsman, the then-president of the GTA 5 developer (Rockstar North) has incorporated a couple of companies to this name. These are namely Everywhere Game Limited, Royal Circus Games Limited, VR-Chitech Limited and Starship Group, among others. Royal Circus Games, in particular, is deemed to be a game developer. This studio is said to create titles for all platforms (e.g. mobile devices, PC and consoles). VR-Chitech, as the name suggests, is all about developing products corresponding to the Virtual Reality technology.

As of now, little has been know about what sort of thing the other studios of the GTA 5 executive will do. Let alone the confirmation of their existence in the future. Royal Circus, however, has already offered a trademarked game name. It's called Time for a New World, with a hashtag that says #TFANW.

It's worth noting that GTA 5 developer Rockstar confirmed the departure of Benzies from Rockstar North sometime in January last year. This was followed by a 17-month sabbatical. On April of the same year, the former boss sued the studio for $150 million in terms of royalties. He alleged that he was forced to leave the company. Take-Two (the studio's parent company), however, dissed the claim.

The aforementioned GTA 5 video game company suggests that it was Benzies' fault. His "significant performance and conduct issues" were reportedly the reasons behind his resignation. As for the executive's claims, Take-Two pointed out that those were either "without merit" or "downright bizzare."

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