Final Fantasy XV Latest News: Unexplored Areas Cartanica, Tenebrae, Pagla Foundation For Upcoming DLC?

Final Fantasy XV DLC in the future will be adding up more locations into the already vast world. Although this has been in the rumor mills for months, the somewhat confirmatory proof is here hinting the most possible locations that await fans.

YouTube Videos Prove Unexplored Locations

Final Fantasy fan Fotm Hero revealed his one-hour long video in YouTube showing his exploration of the unexplored areas within the game. These unexplored areas include Tenebrae, Pagla, and Cartanica.

Another Final Fantasy XV fan and Youtube member shared a video of his own exploration of the train station Cartanica. Migl Siki, the poster, showed that when gamers exploit a glitch the proper way, they could actually fall into a map eventually making way to the unexplored Cartanica. According to Siki, the area obviously appears incomplete, however it is already well-defined. The characteristics observed, according to the Youtuber, could mean that the Final Fantasy XV developers are making use of the existing plan for actual missions in the upcoming DLC.

Hajime Tabata, the director of the Final Fantasy 15, recently announced that an upcoming DLC will definitely change the foundation of the game. Fans are reportedly looking forward to the final world.

Final Fantasy XV: Moogle Chocobo Carnival Event Rolls-Out

Final Fantasy 15 fans who are currently in the United States should take note that the event is on a limited time frame. It rolled out on Jan. 23 at exactly 8PM EST, 5PM PST. Does not matter where the gamer is situated in the Eos world, the event will give them access to travel the carnival provided that the Holiday Pack is downloaded.

The Final Fantasy 15's Holiday Pack includes Carnival Passport, a well-adorned ticket that gives the owner the access to the carnival. A Warrior's Fanfare will also be in the pack. It is a music scroll that has jubilation songs to ace offense post training.

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