Final Fantasy XV News: Unused Area Glitches Could Mean More Added Areas Soon?

The Final Fantasy XV glitches reportedly reveal an open world that has been kept in the game. Rumor has it that the unused area may be used by the Final Fantasy XV developers as a new area in the future. In the meantime, the  Scrap Of Mystery Guide has reportedly been leaked online.

Out-Of-Bounds Glitch With Frozen Tundra Revealed

Final Fantasy XV players have reportedly unveiled a new and unused landscape late in the Final Fantasy XV story. Apparently, the miles of freeways, mountains, plains and lakes may include more areas in the future. Players have reportedly noted an undiscovered area in the closing act of Final Fantasy XV.

The Final Fantasy XV open world reportedly becomes more linear. Players in the third act may reportedly see a newly discovered out-of-bounds glitch. It has been revealed that the undiscovered landscape contains frozen tundra and a vast savannah. In addition, Final Fantasy XV developers may have also been keeping several towns and beaches in the said area although there may be not much to do in the area at the moment.

Final Fantasy XV fans have noted that the glitch may mean a new DLC in the works. To spot the linear section, players may be required to run the version of Final Fantasy XV with retail discs and no updates. Players may then reach the train station late in the game and jump outside of the linear prison into Nilfheilm.

Clues Spotted On Where To Find the Leide Sylvester Map

In other news, Final Fantasy XV players have reportedly noted difficulty in gathering the maps for the Scrap of Mystery Side Quest. Note that there are 14 Sylvester Maps and 14 map clues to be collected. The player may then get 50,000 gil and Mythril Ingot that may sell at the end of the quest.

Final Fantasy XV players have noted that the first scrap clue lies next to the white chair found at the motel walkway in the Northeast side of Lonwythe Rest Area in Leide. Next, the second one may be located under the small cart found  beside a tall fence across the arms dealer in Leide's Prairie Outpost. The third is under the cabin shade near the water tower going to Prairie Outpost.

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