UFO Alert! Are Aliens On The Move For Earth Domination? Mysterious Ball Of Moving Light Spotted Eerily Lurking On Russia

A mysterious looking ball of light in the middle of the night sky has recently left Russian sky watchers baffled after they speculated it to be a UFO. At first, it was found that the captured footage of the lattice-like sphere of light seems nothing more than a tiny light in the sky above the city of Ryazan in western Russia. But as the eyewitness to the mysterious object was said to have zoomed it in, the luminous object apparently appears more like a large ball with microstructures which she claimed as to be visible within. Moreover, as the alleged eyewitness films the bizarre moment, a dog can be heard going crazy in the background.

Mysterious Ball Of Moving Light

According to reports revealed by Mirror, people who have watched the video said that the dog furiously barks at the object as if he's trying to protect his owner from bad guys. It was found that the sky gazer has also tried to zoom in and out just to emphasize the object's scale. As experts have explained it, the object is too small to be the moon but too big to be any other easily identifiable object. Additionally, the sky gazer also said that there is an alleged gray strip moving on it as it was also seen in the video clip.

Are Aliens On The Move For Earth Domination?

Furthermore, as per Daily Mail, there is still no information currently available which would be able to explain the strange sighting. On the other hand, despite the fact that the video has already been shared and has even gone viral across the internet, no one seems to be able to shed any light on what the object is. Skeptics say that the moving light was just a ball of lightning known to be an atmospheric phenomenon that produces luminous spheres.


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