‘Overwatch’ Year Of The Rooster Event Leaked Again Revealing New Map, Skins For Bastion, Junkrat, Tracer, And More

‘Overwatch’ Year Of The Rooster Event Leaked Again Revealing New Map, Skins For Bastion, Junkrat, Tracer, And More
Another promotional video for the upcoming Year of the Rooster event for "Overwatch" has been leaked and featured more of the heroes in their new skins, the new Capture the Flag mode, sprays, and many more. Photo : Metabomb/YouTube

Blizzard Entertainment can’t just take a break from the series of leaks that has been surrounding its latest in-game event. After two new leaks revealing immaturely the new mode and new skins for several various heroes in “Overwatch”, a new one has apparently been put into light. The new leaked video shows a new map and new in-game skins for Bastion and Junkrat.

The leaked video this time is not from a local Chinese advertisement but a Spanish video promotion showcasing all the things to look out for in the up and coming Year of the Rooster event. Blizzard Entertainment seemed to have tried to put a cap on the leak as it has already put down a lot of the videos that have been circulating on the internet, revealing the said leaked details. It mostly had to do with the reason that the said Spanish promotional video was probably intended just for regional television advertising just like the one that was released and seen in China.

The said promotional video featured the upcoming Year of the Rooster event that Blizzard Entertainment is gearing up to launch in “Overwatch”. The said event is to commemorate the upcoming Chinese New Year for 2017 with a new map being showcased, which is actually just the Lijiang Tower map but overly decorated in lights, lanterns, and more in preparation for the festive event. Aside from the decorated map, the Spanish video for “Overwatch” revealed most of the new things that are waiting to surprise avid gamers and the event is looking into releasing new themed skins for all the heroes, sprays, and even loot boxes that will be exclusive during the said event.

The heroes that are put into the spotlight this time are Bastion, Tracer, and Junkrat, since they are the “Overwatch” heroes that were leaked next. Their exclusive Year of the Rooster skins look great as Junkrat dones the firecrackers as his outfit, which is appropriate for him as he is a defense character that mainly utilizes explosives. Bastion, on the other hand, looks great with his machine suit clad in red and gold and some ornamental details. He also gets a new rooster friend.

Though Tracer has been revealed in the Chinese leaked promo video already, this Spanish one puts her new skin in a clearer vision. Her new suit comes in black, gold, and red while it adorns patterns that go along with the Year of the Rooster theme. The said video also introduces more of the new Capture the Flag mode with Tracer and Winston putting the said mode in action, revealing how things will go down with it.

Of course, there were more to the leaked video as it also gave a glimpse at so many of the things stored for the new “Overwatch” event. It briefly showed the new themed skin for Ana and tons of variety of sprays that will be made available soon. D.Va ends the said Spanish promotional video, putting her and her beautiful armor suit into highlight as she bows to the public, as practiced in Korean tradition, to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The Year of the Rooster event will start to roll out on Jan. 24.

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