Pokemon GO Latest News: The One Solution To Down Servers, Revealed!

Pokemon Go servers go offline sometimes while players have the chance of catching a Pokemon in sight, with an error message telling the players that they may not log in again. Rampant outages such as this reportedly occur within the first few weeks following the game's release. Now, there is an easy way to determine if the same problem is happening.

Pokemon Go Players Can Turn to Social Media When the Servers Are Down

Pokemon Go players can definitely hear about any problem with the Pokemon Go servers through the social media, given that it is where the news travels fastest these days. In fact, the Pokemon Go servers account on Twitter deals primarily on monitoring the status of the game's servers. Aside from this, the official Pokemon Go Twitter account of Niantic also provides status updates when servers go offline.

Niantic also posts Pokemon Go news to the official Facebook page of the studio such as the Pokemon Go Hub. However, reports suggest that Reddit may still be the best place to go when it comes to updates on server status reports.

Pokemon Go Developer Faces Another Ban

The creator of Pokemon Go is about to face another ban as fans claim an unusual nest activity before the official migration. With players expecting for a new migration within 24 hours, Niantic is reported to face a likely paywall ban in the US.

Although some Pokemon Go fans on Reddit have complained about a strange nest activity, the next nest migration is still believed to happen soon. However, a number of players also claim that some nests have already changed, despite reports that this seems to be the norm before a mass migration.

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