‘Final Proof Of Secret Technology’, Finally Revealed: Hidden UFO Ship Spotted In The Antarctic Cave, Could This Expose All The Secrets Of Alien Mysteries?

For the last months, the Antarctic region has been the center of attention for a number of UFO hunters after an alleged ancient pyramid has been discovered. Today, the area is once again put to the spotlight after alien enthusiasts have claimed that they have spotted ET's ship hidden in a cave in the South Pole. It was found that UFO hunters have made their bizarre claims from what they believe to be images from Google Earth satellite. Moreover, as what a number of alien enthusiasts say, the said discovery has been dubbed as the "final proof of secret technology" on the frozen continent.

'Final Proof Of Secret Technology', Finally Revealed

According to reports revealed by The Sun, a group of investigators from a YouTube channel called Secure Team has reportedly zoomed in on a mountainous region of the South Pole, and has found what appears to be a seemingly looking disc that is poking out of a cave. In one of their statements, Secure Team has also claimed that this is a bombshell discovery and could possibly be considered as one of the most obvious unnatural and anomalous structures that have ever been discovered at the South Pole. Consequently, previous speculations about the Antarctic region have once again been revived after claiming that aliens had built a massive base in Antarctica.

The Secrets Of Alien Mysteries

Furthermore, as per Daily Mail, it was found that another image has previously emerged which is believed to be the satellite image of the Antarctic. Apparently, UFO hunters say that the said image would be able to prove that aliens are indeed visiting Earth. The said image has allegedly been posted online by an unnamed member of the Godlike Productions forum. And, upon posting it online, it has a caption which explains that as the unnamed source opens Google Earth, he came across something that looked like a giant staircase. However, despite all the claims, Secure Team has also revealed that scientists have no idea or way to discover and explain exactly what is buried deep under this thick ice shelf to date.


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