Tech Jobs That Are Said To Boom In 2017

With the advancement of technology, more and more jobs are being created. Some as to this day are still growing and do not have a precise definition as to what that job really do, because it may differ from companies.

Here are said to be the tech jobs that will boom this 2017. Just a heads up, the list is based on this site, while the definition of the job descriptions is taken and based on various websites, but most of them are from Wikipedia. Also, note that the jobs listed here are placed in no specific order.

Data Scientist

The Data Scientist is reported to be the number one on-demand tech job in the market for two years in a row. The job is designed for a person who analyzes and interprets complex digital data such as the usage statistics of a website in order to assist a business or company on its decision-making.

Technical Program Manager

These people are in charge of handling all aspects of the technical project for their organization. Part of their job is to be responsive for initiating programs, following their progress, and serving as support provider in case issues arise.

DevOps Engineer

For this job's description, it is hard to say, because in reality, this type of job is still evolving and each company has its own definition of putting it. However, the best answer found on the web so far is this:

"In its purest form, a DevOps Engineer bridges the gap between developers and operations. DevOps Engineers usually will automate the tasks of building

an infrastructure and the process of shipping software from development into production in an automated manner."

Analyst Manager

Another tech job that is said to boom this year is Analyst Manager. These people are business professionals who use their technical skills, industry understanding, and knowledge of customers to prepare and present information for decision-making.

Data Engineer

The next tech job we have is Data Engineers. Basically, these people are builders and managers of the information or "big data" infrastructure.

UI Designer (aka User Interface Designer)

For this job, there is also has no definite job description, because most people confuses it with a UX (User Experience) Designer. So it will be defined with an example instead:

"As a UI designer, you'll work very closely with UX designers, whose job typically consists of talking with customers to determine requirements, building user profiles and creating user stories to show how a user will work their way through your application.

From this point, it's up to you to build a clean and functional design based on the requirements they've gathered."

Scrum Master

Another promising tech job, but does not have the precise job description because it varies with companies. However, there was one person who described it as a "servant-leader" position. And for the type of tasks this job holds are some of the following: keep Scrum process running, ensures a proper power balance between PO, Team, and Management, protects the Team, and moderates the Team.

Software Engineer

Next on the list is Software Engineer. Essentially, this is a position who applies principles of software engineering to the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of the software and systems that make computers or anything the contains software work.

Data Architect

Another tech job is Data Architect. This is someone who creates and manages large and expensive electronic databases to store and organize vast amounts of data.

Customer Success Manager

Lastly is the Customer Success Manager. These people act as the main point of contact and as a trusted advisor for the customer. So basically, they are the ones ultimately responsible and accountable for the customer's success.

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