Blizzard Entertainment's 'Heroes Of The Storm' Tournament Leaves ESPN For Facebook

Blizzard Entertainment has yet let out another surprise for fans this year. It seems like the well-known developer company will be parting ways from ESPN with its “Heroes of the Storm” tournament. The said popular online game tournament will be heading to Facebook next instead.

Just recently, Blizzard Entertainment has just announced that they will be moving the video coverage of their “Heroes of the Storm” tournament, which they called Heroes of the Dorm, to Facebook. The said announcement revealed that Blizzard Entertainment has left the reigns of ESPN to pursue better exposure for its event. This announcement came as a surprise to fans especially since the announcement did not mention any of ESPN but instead explained the sudden move.

Heroes of the Dorm is in its third year already and this will be the first time that it will be released on a different viewing platform. ESPN has been covering the Heroes of the Dorm event since it was first started and streaming it on Facebook may be better for Blizzard Entertainment since there will be no restrictions to several aspects include language and live commentating. Facebook is currently one of the most popular social media platforms for years now and its international coverage is no joke especially when it has launched features enabling users to cover live events and stream them live on the said site.

Though no more ESPN means Heroes of the Dorm will no longer be getting any television coverage, the said online battle game tournament will still be available for viewing to millions and at real time. Blizzard Entertainment remains optimistic about this and has stated that they are anticipating a whole new level of competition with the “Heroes of the Storm” tournament as well as having to collaborate with Facebook on a huge event like this. Heroes of the Dorm is popular gaming tournament organized for several colleges to compete and win scholarships along with other prizes such as bragging rights.

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