NES Classic Update: Are Wireless Controllers Really Needed?

Even after two months after its official release, it's still very difficult to track down Nintendo's surprisingly amazing NES Classic Edition. The tiny console is everything you ever wanted it to be, but it does have one particular flaw that isn't related to its incredibly limited retail availability: a short controller wire.

The main problem for the NES Classic

The cord on the single controller that comes bundled with the NES Classic Edition is only a mere 2.5 feet long, which makes playing far away from the TV set a bit of a problem. It seems that Nintendo hasn't assessed the fact that despite the NES Classic's retro feel, we are still living in a modern generation that features huge flat screen TV sets that would make it convenient to be playing from afar.

You can buy some additional extension cables, but everyone knows that going wireless is a lot more convenient.

Wireless controllers for the NES Classic

According to Gizmodo, there are two primary wireless controller options for the NES Classic Edition right now: the cheaper $20 Nyko Miniboss, and 8Bitdo's $40 NES30 Classic Edition Wireless Controller Set. Both of these products disregard any chords and lets you sit back on the couch.

With two available option, you can choose which suits you since both controllers are great and very much compatible with the NES Classic. So choosing between the two is a matter of personal preference.

About the two controllers

Similar to the NES Classic Edition, both controllers are also easy to setup. It will only take plugging a wireless dongle into the front of the console and press a button on the controller, and you're now ready to go.

According to Gamerant, Both the Nyko Miniboss and the 8Bitodo will never miss a beat and always paired immediately. But at times many users have claimed that it sometimes requires re-pairing after you restart the console, which kind of defeats the purpose of going wireless in the first place.

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