NES Classic Edition Update: Big-Time Price Drop Happening, Nintendo Forecasts Limited Stocks?

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition is expected to resolve its shortage issues following the Japanese gaming company's assurance to the people that they will deliver on the continued demand for the retro gaming console. Though Nintendo seems to have learned its lesson about the NES Classic, it seems that many users are still continuing to believe that the Nintendo may again do the same mistake, this time, with their upcoming hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch.

NES Classic price drop

According to MobilenApps, prices for the NES Classic Edition via online resellers have already depreciated. This may be the result of the high anticipation that Nintendo will soon be refreshing its inventory in retailers such as Best Buy or Target.

Before, third-party resellers used to offer the Nintendo NES Classic way above $100 when the product was experiencing high demands and very low stocks supplies. Gamers who were not able to purchase the NES Classic on local retailers opted towards purchasing it online, which doubled its original price.

As of the moment, online prices for NES Classic Edition have now dropped to $80 or less. Nintendo admitted that they weren't able to predict the high demands for the console, and opted towards producing what they thought was sufficient enough, which led to the massive shortage of the NES Classic.

Will the Switch experience the same thing?

With all the drama surrounding the NES Classic, Inquisitr has claimed that many people are now worried that Nintendo's upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch, would be experiencing the same thing. However, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime assures that no shortage will be happening this time and that the company will be producing roughly 2 million units once the Switch officially drops in March.

Nintendo is also accepting pre-orders for the Switch as of the moment. This will help the company get the most accurate estimation of the new console's demand.

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