Battlefield 1 Experiencing Server Downtime -- Again

Battlefield 1 has become one of the most exciting shooter games of recent memory. Hence it's no wonder if its servers experience downtime from time to time. And yes, this is certainly what's happening now. Players are reporting about being unable to log into the game. Unfortunately, EA has no answer to it yet.

According to Express, Battlefield 1 servers are experiencing downtime. Some players are saying that they're unable to get inside the game. There are those who are able, but will get kicked out in the long run. It has been suggested since last year that the sudden increase in the title's player pool has resulted to the servers being unstable.

One Battlefield 1 fan said that no matter what he does, he can't simply join any servers. In fact, even the Companion App isn't working properly too. In this case, it's safe to say that the servers are indeed having a downtime.

The current status of Battlefield 1 is bringing doubts to the community. This is most especially that an upcoming event is scheduled to exist. This is called EA's Friday Night Battlefield livestream. Apparently, some believe that this downtime could probably be the studio's way of prepping the game for the aforesaid event.

Speaking of the aforementioned Battlefield 1 event, this will allow players to play alongside their favorite moderators. Even the video game company's Community Managers and DICE Friend tag recipients, among others. Moreover, players can expect lots of tags. These include the likes of DICE Tags, CTE Tags and HQ Hero tags.

Along with the current issue with the servers of Battlefield 1, the PSN (also known as PlayStation Network) community is also claiming their own issues. And that unfortunately included the fact that they're unable to utilize any of the system's core services. As of this writing, EA has yet to release an official statement explaining the ongoing issue.

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