‘Final Fantasy XIV' Gets Spinoff Television Series Adaptation Called 'The Father Of Light'

It is not every day that a video game developed by Square Enix gets to have another media production adaptation. As it turns out, “Final Fantasy XIV” got television series adaptation that has been unusually called “Father of Light”. The said series is not the typical video game-turned-television series.

It has just been revealed recently that the Square Enix online multiplayer video game, “Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn” was adapted into a Japanese television series. But it is not entirely what people think or expect it would be. This is because the said series adaptation happens to be a live action spinoff wherein the said video game is the center of the story.

The spinoff series, which has been called “Final Fantasy XIV: Hikari no Otosan”, roughly translates to “Final Fantasy XIV: The Father of Light”. This was one of Square Enix latest announcements and it turned out to be a surprise. Square Enix has dubbed the said series as one of their first official live-action work related to the “Final Fantasy” game series.

Though the title of the series has been poked fun of, the plot of the series is wholesome that is centered on family bond and values. “Final Fantasy XIV: The Father of Light” is centered on a drama story of a father and son who plays the said Square Enix video game, wherein it will be a mixture of live-action scenes as well as footage from the video game as they play it. The said television series is inspired by a local Japanese blog of a son’s blog, accounting the various adventures with his father, who is in his 60s, as they play “Final Fantasy XIV”.

The said television show stars Japanese actors, Ren Osugi and Yudai Chiba, who will portray the respective roles of the father and son. Square Enix is excited to see how the fans of the franchise will receive the said spinoff. “Final Fantasy XIV: The Father of Light” is slated to premiere on Japanese television in April 2017.

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