Blizzard To Perform Biggest Maintenance Tomorrow, Details Inside

The massive video game publisher and developer who is famous for creating Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft announces their biggest maintenance update for this year. Blizzard Entertainment will start the support tomorrow and will affect the majority of its games.

Blizzard Entertainment is known for publishing quality games and they want to keep their tradition by religiously implementing maintenance every year. This maintenance is said to resolve issues with certain games and providing new updates to make the games better. Players have to understand that the maintenance is a must. They have already provided a schedule of the maintenance and here are the following.

Blizzard Entertainment Scheduled Maintenance

Basically, almost all of the games that are under Blizzard Entertainment will be experiencing this maintenance., Starcraft II, Hearthstone, Diablo 3, Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft will be the first games who will experience the update and it will start at 5 AM until 6 AM PT(Pacific Time). While for Overwatch it will start at 7 AM at 10 AM PT. World of Warcraft has specific updates on their game and is marked on the official website of Blizzard Entertainment “New Logins Unavailable”.

Overwatch who just reached 25 million players and just added the new feature Year Of The Rooster Chinese New Year Event will also receive the biggest maintenance tomorrow. As per the time frame provided, it will take 3 hours(ideally) for Blizzard Entertainment to make sure that each and every aspect of the game are properly maintained.

Other games like Diablo III and World Of Warcraft will have minor updates that will be implemented such as the Cow Level for WOW, Tavern Brawl and Hearthstone-themed for Diablo III. If the maintenance runs smoothly, they will resume with their game as soon as possible. Please take note that the schedule provided is just the ideal time for them to wrap up everything.

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