Fallout 4 Update: High Resolution Texture For PC, PS4 Pro Patch Available Next Week

Bethesda Softworks, the publisher of the game Fallout 4 just announced today that they will be releasing the high-resolution texture pack and the PS4 Pro Patch next week. This is the perfect time for them to do it as Bethesda stated.

For months, fans have been teased about this major package that will surely change the landscape of the game. The new package will focus on the graphics or display of the game thus introducing what they call High Resolution Texture. The new package will be introduced first to PC(windows) and there are no words yet if the game will be applicable for MacOS.

High-Resolution Texture Package will hit the net by next week and it would be absolutely for free. However, players should keep it mind that downloading the new package needs to meet these requirements. These requirements are set to maintain the quality of the games and if you don’t have this specification on your computer, we suggest for you to upgrade.

Fallout 4: Required PC Specs For The New Pack

The specification that was posted is as follows. An operating system of Windows 7,8 and 10 with a 64-bit is required. The processor should be Intel Core i7-5820K or higher. Graphics card of GTX 1080 8GB/AMD Radeon RX 490 8GB and a huge amount of RAM which is 8GB+.

Fallout 4: PS4 Pro Patch

In line with the new pack for PC, Bethesda also includes a new patch for PS4 Pro. The new feature or patch will be enhancing graphics of the game which includes a 1440p resolution. Distant trees, objects or building will be more “clear” rather than the pixelated things that we see right now.

Like any other game, Bethesda is trying to push the envelope just to satisfy their players. The requirement for the upgrade might be costly for others but if you really want to enjoy the game, you have to get what is required first.

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