Resident Evil 7: Where To Find Scorpion, Crow And Snake Keys

Resident Evil 7 just topped the charts yesterday as the best-selling video game. In a true Resident Evil 7 fashion, there are certain puzzles that need to be solved using distinctive keys. They are the scorpion, crow and snake keys. Photo : MrReign / YouTube

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has just released a few days ago and they’ve already climbed the charts as one of the fastest selling video game in history. Capcom again made a stamp that they are still on top of their game.

Prior to its release, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Capcom were receiving a lot of negative feedbacks on their game. Some of the players stated that the graphics are cartoonish and others think that Cap is trying to stay away from what we know as the Resident Evil series. With that said, multiple YouTubers and threads shared their thought and disgust about the game.

However, Capcom and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, knew what they are all about and just let the naysayers critique their game. From one trailer to another, the bashers of their game doubled up. Unfortunately, it didn’t last when Capcom surprise them with probably a trailer for the ages. They were able to depict and show each and every detail of the game.

The game revolves around the Baker Family and their property. The main protagonist of the game, Ethan Winters will find himself in the middle of the chaotic ,dysfunctional and creepy Baker Family. He has to survive the grueling and puzzle like structures using items on hand. The players must find these certain objects for them to go to the next level. This item might be in a form of a badge, bobbleheads or secret keys.

Resident Evil 7 features 3 distinctive keys that unlocks certain doors which is crucial in the game. Those keys are the scorpion, crow and snake keys. Luckily, we were able to note their locations.

Resident Evil 7: Scorpion Key

Probably the easiest key to find in the game. If you notice some doors that has scorpions on it, it means to say that the scorpion key is needed. Resident Evil is fond of creating this kind of gameplay as it add excitement to the game. Going back, you can use the map to locate the area where the key is located. Players need to go down to the processing area and look for a big piece of meat in a green table. The scorpion key should be sticking out of it.

Resident Evil 7: Crow Key

Like the scorpion key, there is an indication of crows on specific doors where you can use the crow key. Basically, you have to go to the Old House, first floor. For those who were able to watch the Mia VHS, you won’t miss the area. There’s actually two ways on how to get hold of the key. First, its either you have to go straight forward and reach a gross outhouse. Second, go inside and see a ornate chest. Just open it up and you’ll get the crow key.

Resident Evil 7: Snake Key

The hardest key to find. Once you successfully killed Marguerite, you have to go back to the main house. Go directly to the basement, through the boiler room and then to dissection room. You will find a body of a decapitated policemen. Just go near the dead body and it will provide you a sign on how to get the snake key. And by the way, it will be extremely gruesome to get it.

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