DICE Finally Brings Community Test Environment To Battlefield 1

Tons of things have happened to Battlefield 1 lately. Among these, unfortunately, being the servers experiencing downtime. Obviously, this doesn't sit well to most fans. But hey, that should be a thing in the past. This is most especially that something big is coming to the game. It's no other than the Community Test Environment.

As reported by VG247, the developer of Battlefield 1 DICE is set to release the aforementioned feature to the game. Its main purpose, of course, is to give fans access to any forthcoming updates, tweaks and/or fixes, among others. The only catch is that it'll be made available across the PC platform only.

Fortunately for Battlefield 1 users in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, there's no need to be worried. That's because the studio has promised to bring the Community Test Environment to consoles sooner or later. For now, it remains to be unknown in terms of an official date.

The said feature in Battlefield 1 will have the same functionality with Battlefield 4 and Hardline's. This means that players, as already mentioned, will be able to access all sort of updates or changes. And this will be done before they even hit the official servers of the game.

For the meantime, Battlefield 1 players should ready themselves for an update in February. And apparently, it's not just a simple patch or whatsoever. That's because more content will be added. This is believed to be taken from the soon-to-be-released DLC called They Shall Not Pass.

With the said update being rolled out, Battlefield 1 PC players can expect the features and stuff to be tested in the Community Test Environment. Of course, this is only possible if and only if this feature gets released first. Either way, these are things that are worth looking forward to. There's no doubt that the studio knows what to do with the game to make it more relevant in today's gaming industry.

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