The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Might Be Coming Soon: Pro 4 Gets Discounts, Surface 3 Gets Phased Out

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is yet to be confirmed by the company. Apparently, this tablet convertible has been awaited since last year for the sole reason that the Surface Pro 4 device is slowly getting outdated. Nevertheless, Microsoft isn't confirming the arrival of the Surface Pro 5, but fans can just take hints from the market status of the past Surface Pro devices.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 On Sale Once Again

It wasn't too long ago when reports came out about the unlikely discount given to the Surface Pro 4. Apparently, the said tablet was offered on a No Pen deal and at a lower price. Right now, Microsoft is putting the Core i5/4 GB model of the Pro 4 on a 20 percent-off deal while adding in the Pen accessory. This means that you can get the said Surface Pro tablet for just $799 instead of its usual $999 cost. As per Neowin, this offer will push through until February 4.

Microsoft Surface 3 Phased Out

As per ONMSFT, the Surface 3 is officially out of the Microsoft US Store. This is after the company released its earnings report that noted the unimpressive sales of the said tablet. With that said, the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book are Microsoft's latest Surface devices on the market. Needless to say, if the Surface Pro 5 doesn't get released this year, the Surface Pro 4 will be two years old and will undeniably be outdated.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 News

The Surface Pro 5 has been a favorite subject of rumors in the past months. However, Microsoft hasn't really been very generous in sharing information about its tablet line. The most recent rumor about the Surface Pro 5 is that it could get an MWC 2017 appearance as it could just be the right timing for the tablet to be unveiled. Needless to say, Microsoft hasn't commented on it so fans need to wait a month more to confirm if this rumor is true or not.

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