Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks: New Trick To Reduce Lag During Battle

Constant freezing and app crashes are just a few things that Pokemon Go players have experienced since day one. The game received a low reputation regarding these issues. However, it seems like the lagging and freezing problems are getting lesser and lesser after the newest update.

According to the report from Otakukart, there is a new trick for mobile phones that have lesser memory such as Samsung Galaxy 3. This trick will enable players to run Pokemon Go on older Android devices. In addition, it is worth noting that this is effective if a device is running the latest version of Android. However, if the carrier or OEM does not support the latest versions, it is still recommended to still try this method.

Based on the report, this new method of reducing lag is basically battling gyms in AR mode, having the camera disabled. However, the report mentions that there are a couple of known disadvantages to this trick such as players unable to see attacking and defending Pokemon or even the battle animation.

Meanwhile, players will be able to see the health and energy bars and the yellow flashes which are enough to have an effective battle. Currently, this is just a raw interface and will come out convenient to those Pokemon Go players possessing not so capable devices.

On other news, it was reported that The Pokemon Company is considering to develop a brand new companion device in order to attend the safety concerns of the players. This is due to the countless of complaints they received in the past few months regarding the accidents while playing Pokemon Go.

Though they have already released a wearable device that attends to these concerns, Pokemon Go Plus only features basic functionalities such as throwing PokeBalls and spinning PokeStops. Players are still required to check on their phones every time since Pokemon Go Plus does not feature a visual display.

Meanwhile, there are no additional information regarding the future companion device. It is recommended to wait for further announcements.


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