Battlefield 1 News, Guide: Steps To Participate In The Community Testing Event

Since a lot of fans are complaining about the current status of Battlefield 1, DICE and EA have decided to start the community testing event. The players can choose to join in the event in order to see what will come next in the game.

How To Join Battlefield 1's Community Testing Environment?

It is true that Battlefield 1 is lacking features that will excite the players. EA and DICE will start another community testing environment in order to let the players experience the additional features that will soon be added into the game.

According to One Angry Gamer, DICE will be sending the codes to selected players of Battlefield 1. The players can access Origin and they can start participating in CTE. For those players who have not receive any codes, they can register in Battlefield's companion app.

PC players are lucky because they can try out the upcoming changes in Battlefield 1 before the updates will finally roll out. After they will participate in CTE, they can see the changes in the game after they have registered in the event.

Is There A Possibility That CTE Will Be Available For PS4 And Xbox One?

The players of Battlefield 1 using PS4 and Xbox One might have to wait for a little longer because DICE has not yet announced nor confirmed if CTE will be available for their platforms, as per Shack News. The developer clearly stated that only select members can access the testing.

PS4 and XB 1 players should wait for further announcements from DICE and EA. But the developer is positive that the changes will come to their platforms as soon as CTE will be finished. The only goal of the testing is to improve Battlefield 1's gameplay.

Hopefully, DICE and EA will have a successful CTE of Battlefield 1. The team wants to give the players the best features of the game because a lot of the fans are hoping to see major improvements in the game to keep them interested.

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