Mouse & Keyboard Players For Overwatch Are Cheaters Says Blizzard

Director Jeff Kaplan told Overwatch players who are using console platforms who are using mouse and keyboard as their controller of choice to not do it. Speaking on behalf of Blizzard Entertain, he posted the statement on the forum. He explained why the developer objects to owners of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners going out of their way to use mouse and keyboards.
Kaplan wrote that the Overwatch team is objecting to players who are using mouse and keyboard on their consoles. According to him, they have contacted both first-party console manufacturers and expressed their concerns about the use of input conversion devices. Neither Xbox One nor PS4 support mouse-and-keyboard setups which mean people go out of their way to buy converters to hook up to their consoles.
Using a mouse in Overwatch allows much more precise aiming than a control stick does. People who spend money for a converter gains an unfair advantage over those who cannot afford to buy the device. In the past, the issue with using such controllers has generated controversies within the Overwatch gaming community.
Aiming is a problem with those who are using controllers with sticks. Some players claim that this feels clunky and imprecise. Kaplan encouraged the players who prefer consoles over PC to reach out to hardware manufacturers and express their concerns. Kaplan emphasized that players should let their opinions be known in a productive and respectful way as reported by Polygon.
Blizzard senior designer Jerry Craig also made a comment with regards to Overwatch players who are using the mouse and keyboard set up for their consoles. He states that from a gaming standpoint, Overwatch is really a fast-paced game. By using a mouse, a player can spin really quick and this creates a great advantage for players who are using the mouse as opposed to a controller with sticks as reported by

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