Hideo Kojima Talks About Nintendo Switch And The Transfarring Concept

Hideo Kojima,the creator of Metal Gear and a very well-known figure in the video game industry, gave his opinion on Nintendo’s newest console, the Nintendo Switch. The game designer stated that the Switch’s hybrid nature is what he liked most about the system.

Nintendo Switch’s system combines on-the-go and at-home elements. This hybrid system is similar to what Hideo Kojima’s Transfarring idea which he visualized for moving data between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Kojima said that he believes that Switch is an extension of that idea. The designer said that to be able to play something at home and then take it outside is every gamer’s dream. The Switch, according to Kojima, is an evolution of that.

Kojima further stated that he thinks cloud technology is what everything will eventually transfer to. He said that although cloud technology is behind now than what people expected it to be at, Kojima said he thinks that it will eventually reach that point. When the infrastructure is ready, gamers can play everything on every device. He thinks that Switch is a predecessor that the kind of technology that the developer visualizes as reported by GameSpot.

Transfarring is a term that Kojima had coined by combining the words transferring and sharing. The idea was that gamers will be able to move their saved Metal Gear Solid saved files from PlayStation 3 and then pick the game up on PlayStation Portable or PlayStation Vita. He gave the example of a Blu-Ray disc having a code on the inside for a digital version, this way people can watch the movie at home or they can bring the movie with them to watch it on their smartphones or tablets. He thinks that this is the next step in the gaming evolution as reported by Digital Trends.

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