Kojima Confirms That Death Stranding Is Not A Virtual Reality Game

Death Stranding has been an enigma to most players who have been following the development of the game. Kojima Productions has not yet been able to fully materialize what the game will contain as it has only been announced several months ago although Kojima has confirmed that it will not be a horror game and it will not be a Virtual Reality game.

While speaking to RTX Sydney, Kojima had discussed some elements of the upcoming game from his company. When asked whether the game will contain any virtual reality elements, the creator of Metal Gear, responded that at this time, Death Stranding is not a VR game.

Kojima had expressed interest in making a VR game prior to the announcement of Death Stranding as his next official project. This led many fans of the renowned game developer to wonder whether the first debut game of Kojima Productions would be a VR game. However, it appears that Kojima has set his sights on developing a solid game first without having to worry about the new and still developing technology of VR.

Kojima went on to say that Death Stranding will be an open-world, story-driven game that will give gamers a large degree of freedom. The director added that the team at Kojima Productions is currently working on game logic and are testing various systems on the framework as published by GameRant.

Kojima also said that he is not planning a sequel to Death Stranding but the director will consider it if the game is well-received and is in high demand. The game release has no confirmed date yet. When asked whether the game will be a PlayStation 5 game, Kojima answered that Death Stranding will be a game for the PS4. News of a PS5 is pure speculation as Sony has not announced any news on a new console as reported by GameSpot.

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