'The Walking Dead' Season 7B Teased During The Super Bowl 2017

There are only a few more days left before the return of "The Walking Dead," and AMC already hinted on Negan's threats becoming worse. The network took its provocative teaser for "TWD" season 7B to the Super Bowl 2017 yesterday.

Apart from the surprises brought about by the Falcons and the Patriots at the Super Bowl 2017, several movies and TV programs took advantage of the event to drop new teasers for the audience to witness. AMC's "The Walking Dead" did not lose its chance at the Super Bowl as it was also able to deliver a short teaser on what's coming to the show's return. The 15-second clip depicted a football on the AstroTurf which was later crashed down by a baseball bat with barb wires wrapped around it.

The bat was in reference to Negan's deadly weapon, Lucille, which he used to knock both Abraham and Glenn down to death during the "TWD" season 7 premiere. It can be recalled that the appalling season opener of the zombie flick gained harsh criticisms following the plot's level of violence. "The Walking Dead's" executive producer, Gale Anne Hurd, then acknowledged the backlash and reportedly adjusted the show's level of violence which was later depicted in the following episodes.

As "The Walking Dead" season 7 went on break, the remaining episodes will start airing on Sunday, Feb. 12. According to spoilers, the rest of the season will focus on Rick and his group's response to Negan's brutality. Earlier this month, AMC released an extended promo of "TWD" showing the cast and crew talking about what to expect from the show's concluding episodes.

Per the description, Rick and his group discover that they are to face a bigger world and that defeating Negan will not come easy. They are set to unite Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom to be able to match Negan's force. Furthermore, talks have it that more deaths and betrayals among the main characters from Rick and Negan's group are set to happen. "The Walking Dead" season 7 part 2 starts kicking off on Sunday on AMC at 9 p.m. EST.

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