Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Get 4,000 Free Festival Coins

Players are still enjoying Pokemon Sun and Moon. There are several things that they can do in order to enjoy the game. They are curious on how exactly will they be able to get the 4,000 free festival coins in the game. Fortunately, there are different ways in order to acquire those coins.

Get 4,000 Free Festival Coins In Pokemon Sun And Moon

If the players decided to participate in the third global mission in the game, they can get a total of 2,000 festival coins, according to Mic. The coins are very important in Pokemon Sun and Moon because it is the currency used in Festival Plaza.

But the players are saying that 2,000 festival coins are not enough. All they have to do is to link their PGL account to Pokemon Sun and Moon. Automatically, the coins will be doubled and they will be receiving 4,000 free festival coins.

It is very easy in acquiring 4,000 festival coins in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The third global mission will end on Feb. 13 and players still have a lot of time in order to link their accounts so they can get their desired number of coins.

Third Global Mission Is Not Just About Festival Coins

The players participating in the latest mission in Pokemon Sun and Moon can get more exciting rewards if they reach a total of two million trades that can lead them to Friendl Ball. The secret is to trade Magnemite repetitively, as per IB Times

Magnemite can be found on the first island's Trainer School. Once the players have completed the two million mark, they can get other exciting rewards like a rare candy and double loots that they can get once the third global mission is done.

Nintendo is making sure that Pokemon Sun and Moon will be more enjoyable and more exciting than before. Hopefully, players will participate and will get the exciting rewards offered in the current event held in the game.

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