Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update: List Of Weak Pokemon In The Game

Niantic is starting to drop hints regarding the possible arrival of the most anticipated Gen 2 patch. Though the company does not directly announce the update, but most of the fans knew that it will arrive very soon based on the current datamined information.

Since the update's release is just around the corner, popular anime blog site Otakukart, posted new information on what to expect on the upcoming Pokemon Go patch. The recent report highlights the Gen 2 Pokemon that possesses lesser power compared to the other species included in the second batch.

The list starts with Sudowoodo. Despite its tree-like appearance, Sudowoodo is actually a rock type Pokemon which is known for its signature move mimic. He might be as rare as Snorlax but does not play similar roles with the latter when it comes to the gym. Next on the list is Hoppip. Based on the gathered data, Hoppip has the highest catch rate among all generation 2 Pokemon. Perhaps, it would look like an Oddish but has weaker stats.

The third is Aipom, which does not have any evolutions until Gen 4. In addition, it also has the lowest CP among other evolved form in generation 2. Aipom would probably end up like Farfetch'D and other regional Pokemon. Next is Sunkern. It has the lowest stats of all Pokemon from generations 1-6. Some might think that Sunkern evolution is similar to Magikarp. However, it does not, which makes it useless during battle.

Meanwhile, the previously reported psychic Pokemon called Unown also made on the list. Unown has 28 sprites overall, which makes it known for having the most number of sprites in the series. However, it only knows one single move called Hidden Power. Furthermore, Unown is 4th among generation 2 Pokemon that has the lowest CP, which means it is not very useful in Gym.


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