'Stranger Things' Season 2: Official Trailer At The Super Bowl LI Confirms New Monster And Return Of Eleven

Netflix has released a surprise ad during the Super Bowl LI for its hit horror flick, "Stranger Things" season 2. The young cast members of the show were as surprised as the fans with the revelations that were dropped on the commercial. Following the ad, the premiere date of the show's fifth second season has been revealed along with several major things to expect.

The ad during the Super Bowl LI features a TV commercial on Eggo waffles that debuted in 1979. Avid fans of "Stranger Things" would know that the commercial hints on Eleven's involvement on the upcoming installment. This follows the fact that Eggo waffles have been introduced as the favorite food of psychic who was central to season 1. After the Eggo commercial flashed an image of a waking kid which appeared to be Eleven, following the child's bleeding nose. Furthermore, the image was shown in an upside down manner, sparking talks that Eleven is trapped in the Upside Down world.

It can be recalled that Eleven went missing on the final episode of "Stranger Things" season 1. After fighting the Demogorgon to save her friends, traces of her have not been found. However, Chief Jim Hopper was seen leaving Eggo waffles in the woods towards the end of season 1's final episode where countless speculations on Eleven's possible survival surfaced.

The "Stranger Things" season 2 footage has also teased new mysteries that need to be solved as a new monster is about to come to Hawkins. Many speculate that the new villain depicts the monster "Thessalhydra" in the D&D game played by the main characters of the show in season 1. As Will has been seen witnessing the monster, fans are theorizing that the new installment will focus on the changes that the Upside Down has brought to the boy. This also follows a part in the ad where Will was seen going under a kind of test which many believe is meant to find out the mysteries happening in Will's body.

Other details that also seemed to excite the viewers included the "Ghostbuster" costume of the boys as featured in the ad. The date of Will's supposed examination has been noted as 1984, confirming previous rumors that season 2 will pick up a year from the missing Will Byers incident. The more exciting revelation though came after the Super Bowl ad where Netflix finally released the summary of "Stranger Things" season 2, writing: "A year after Will's return, everything seems back to normal ... but a darkness lurks just beneath the surface, threatening all of Hawkins."

"Stranger Things" season 2 will air on the Halloween celebration 2017. The show is to feature several new chapters titled "Madmax", "The Boy Who Came Back to Life", "The Pumpkin Patch", "The Brain" and "The Lost Brother".

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