Final Fantasy XV DLC Update: Game Director Explains Why Episode Ignis Will Be The Last To Release

Game director Hajime Tabata has shared some tidbits about "Final Fantasy XV" downloadable content and why Episode Ignis will come last. Meanwhile, the game's main team is still going strong and working on new updates.

"Final Fantasy XV" Episode Ignis DLC Being Saved For Last

By next month, fans will also be able to play the Episode Gladio DLC which gives further insight into what he was doing when he left the party. By June, players will be able to try the Episode Prompto content which will possibly shed more light on his character. However, until now, Square Enix has yet to share the official release window for Episode Ignis.

In line with this, DualShockers reports that Square Enix originally planned for Gladio's episode to come first in order to give players a new experience in terms of combat and gameplay. However, Tabata claimed that the team was torn between releasing Episode Prompto and Ignis first. Ultimately, they planned to save Ignis's story for last as his episode has the most impact on the overall plot of the main game.

The Team Still Hard at Work Creating New Content

Because of this, they want to focus on creating a solid experience that will create a lasting impression on the audience. Similarly, over 70 percent of the "FFXV" team is still hard at work and creating more content, as per TechnoBuffalo. On the other hand, 30 percent of employees have moved on to different projects.

With this in mind, Square Enix is serious about making the game last a long time as they are still allotting this much manpower for a supposedly finished product. Tabata has shared their initial DLC plans with even more expansion and content on the way. He had even brought up the possibility of a PC port that may allow custom quests and mods.

Moreover, the studio is still trying to enhance various gameplay elements like the infamous Chapter 13. In terms of lore, they are releasing episodic DLCs that give insight into other characters while also making them playable. Fans can play "Final Fantasy XV" on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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