'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 78 Spoilers: Members Of Universe 7 Team Revealed

By Dante Noe Raquel II , Feb 08, 2017 04:56 PM EST

It is predictable to feature the most-anticipating "Battle of Supremacy" as well as the upcoming episode that will bring the 12 gods of destruction and the Omni King together as they attend the competition. To end, it seems like fans will closely see the Universe 6 in action as they will go up first.

Back in episode 77, the new arc called "Universe Survival" is in progress. It will feature the event called "Tournament of Power" that will have participants from the 12 universes. As per reports, the competition is a result of Goku's request for an inter-galactic martial arts tournament. Lucky enough, the Omni King accepted his request, which brings us all in this new arc and one hell of a fight.

Omni King Will Destroy The World Of The Losing Team

TrippedMedia reported that whoever loses in the tournament will receive the punitive punishment from the Omni King then again, by a decoded synopsis of the arc. As published by Christian Post, Omni King will not attend the competition just for the sake of inspecting. He is there to deliver the final judgement to the losing team - which is to eradicate their universe.

This is indeed a "survival" tournament not only for the participants but for their entire race. "Dragon Ball Super" episode 78 will mark the start of the rivalry and Universe 7 will be up opposing team Universe 9. However, there seems to be a problem that Goku should address first. His team is not yet complete, and it seems like Vegeta has no intention of joining.

Universe 7 Team

Back in the previous chapter, Goku was getting ready for the tournament. He began to train himself with extreme exercises to be ready for the competition. Goku also went to Vegeta at the same time to tell him to start his training as well. But, Vegeta seemed to be not interested since Bulma was about to give birth.

If Vegeta will not go with Goku in the "Tournament of Power," then the possibility of the Universe 7 being wiped out is inevitable.As per preview of the next episode, Goku will go to Gohan and ask him to join. But, he is hesitant since he lacks training for years. But, based on the poster released for the arc, it seems like Vegeta and Gohan would soon be persuaded by Goku to join his team. Combined with the three Saiyans are Majin Buu, Kuririn, Android 18, Android 17, Master Roshi, Tenshinhan, and Piccolo.

At present, those are the names that seems to be included in Goku's team. Let us wait and see if more characters will pop up in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 78. 

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