Fire Emblem Heroes To Get New Content Every Month

Nintendo will continue to support "Fire Emblem Heroes" as they will be releasing new content every month. Until the update launches, learn how to make the most out of the Arena to gain more Hero Feathers.

"Fire Emblem Heroes" Getting More Content Soon

Despite its recent release, many players have already finished the game's main story mode and collected all the available free orbs. This leaves them with the option of trying the other features like Training or the Arena which might feel a tad repetitive. Because of this, some players will eventually feel burned out and ultimately drop the mobile title.

However, Nintendo has already seemingly prepared for this situation and has crafted more content. Game director Kouhei Maeda confirmed that they are adding more stories that they will release once every two weeks, as per Destructoid. The best thing about this is that all upcoming stories will be completely free.

Furthermore, the mobile game will also continue to get more characters from the franchise, new skills and even some game modes. Nintendo game director Shingo Matsushita claimed that they would like to continue supporting the title as long as fans continue to play it. However, neither director has shared any finer details about the upcoming content.

Learn the Mechanics of the Arena

For now, players can focus their attention on the Arena to reap the Hero Feathers they can use to rank up their heroes. Polygon reports that fans will be rewarded with a certain number of the said item depending on their overall score. Players will get higher scores if they use certain characters listed on the screen, defeat more difficult opponents and chain seven wins.

Moreover, gamers can also earn defense points which also rewards them with feathers. The only way to earn the said points is if their unit manages to ward off enemy attackers. It is worth noting that the team positioned at the far left of the Allies page will be the ones in charge of holding down the fort. Make sure to place the best and well-rounded units to gain the upper hand. Fans can download "Fire Emblem Heroes" for free on Google Play and the iOS App Store.

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