Latest 'Destiny' Patch Will Change How PVP Is Played And More

After news that Bungie applied for a trademark for "DestinyCon", players and fans can only guess what the developer has in store. However, on February 14, 2017, Bungie will be releasing a new patch for Destiny. With HotFix, the developer is trying to change the all too familiar set ups that dominate the PVP arena and also to revitalize it so that players can try out new setups and strategies.

The update will bring changes to a lot of things in the game including weapons and subclasses. This move by Bungie would definitely affect a lot of players because it would affect their gameplay, strategies and weapon choices.

Weapons Affected In The Coming Update

According to VG 24/7, shotguns will take a big hit as magnetism and aim assist while doing hip fire is going to be removed. Other changes in the shotgun include aiming down the sights in the Rangefinder perk will take 25% longer, In-air accuracy has been reduced, and lastly, the precision damage has been removed except on the Universal Remote and Chaperone.

Gamerant also mentioned some changes in pulse rifles and hand cannons. For pulse rifles, the Clever Dragon and Grasp of Malok will have a 7.7% decrease in the rate of fire, while a 5% increase rate of fire is given to other low-end pulse rifles. The High Calibre perk, when used with this weapon class, has also been decreased. Overall, the pulse, scout, and auto rifles will get a slight boost to In-air accuracy.

For hand cannons, Bungie will be returning this weapon class to Year 1 settings, meaning that the first shot will hit exactly where the gun is aimed at. With Year 1 settings used for this weapon class, Bungie will reduce the base range for all hand cannons by 5 meters.

Other Changes In The Update

HotFix will be changing a couple of things to Subclasses which would greatly affect how a character is played. These changes may open the players to think of other strategies that could work with their character.

For Stormcallers, their melee range will be reduced to be the same as other warlock melee attacks. Also, the perk Landfall will reduce the length of Stormtrance.

As for Hunters, the solar damage will be added to the Gunslinger's Throwing Knife. In the subclass of Bladedancer, instant regeneration of health and armor will no longer happen with the Hungering Blade perk, instead, it will regenerate a specific amount of health.

Lastly, for Strikers, the Juggernaut perk will have its duration reduced and it will not activate while in the air.

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