'Warcraft 2': Director Duncan Jones Is Waiting For The Sequel Update

Recent years, video game fans thought Hollywood might finally break its long-running video game adaptation ordeal with the release of writer and director Duncan Jones' Warcraft. Built on the online Role Playing Game of the same name, the pushy adaptation aimed to tell its own story of a war between the humans and the orcs with a union of both new characters in the film and those who were familiar with the game itself.

Warcraft Created A Huge Success For The First Film

But then Warcraft met with mildly positive reviews from critics, but almost all fans praise the creation, the latter of whom believed that Jones had achieved an adaptation that remained faithful to the game and was movie-like enough in its own right.

Regrettably, ever since Warcraft was released in summer of last year, talk and news of Legendary Pictures or Jones working on a sequel have been practically none. The silence seemed practically strange since - in the foreign market - the film was titled Warcraft: The Beginning, rather than its shorter domestic title in which you will be expected the next one.

Director Jones Might Respond To Viewers Demand However He Talks About The Budget

Jones finally addressed the possibility of a sequel recently on his official Twitter account, and the news isn't what fans were hoping for by any means. Responding to a fan question, Jones reiterated how much he'd love to make a sequel, but is currently still waiting on a final decision from Legendary:

This might seem odd because the Warcraft has a potential in the market today - the kind of potential that any studio would jump on if they had a chance. Though, silence makes more sense when looking at the box office revenue from Warcraft, which despite overseas and in the foreign market, bombed monetarily in the U.S. With a production budget of $160 million, the studio could amass enough publicity for the film stateside with the little over $47 million domestic box office total, meaning it wouldn't have even could get by had it not been for the $386 million sales.

The figures only show the enormous budget as they might have left it for a while and wait for the decision to start the production. Do you feel it needs to have a sequel or not? Does it still gain the taste of the game adaptation film? 

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