NBA Trade: Carmelo Anthony Called By Jimmy Butler To Join Bulls; Raptors Also In Persuit Of Melo?

The NBA trade rumors on Carmelo Anthony are persistent in claiming that the Knicks superstar will already flee his team. Talks became rifer when Chicago Bulls' Jimmy Butler reportedly phoned Melo just recently. Fans are now theorizing that the two have been talking about teaming up for the next season.

Melo seems to be the favorite subject of countless trade rumors these days. Following the public feud of Knicks president, Phil Jackson, and Melo, enthusiasts have since been expecting to see the veteran player being kicked out of his team. The latest talks then have it that Melo might join the Bulls' roster as reports reveal that Melo and Butler have been keeping in touch.

Rumors say that Butler proposed a deal for Melo to join him in the Chicago Bulls. Many enthusiasts then believe that convincing the 32-year-old superstar directly might lead to a result as Melo's fate literally depends on him. He is currently on a no-trade-clause, hence he will decide whether he will stay with the Knicks or head onto some other teams.

Despite the rumors swirling on Melo's departure, the small forward has long ago been expressing his intention to stay with his team. Although Jackson has also been kicking him out by trying to contact several teams who could take Melo, the nine-time All-Star player still previously said that he is not going anywhere out of New York. He also made it clear that his family is still the biggest factor affecting his decision, and since they reside in NYC, Melo is foreseeing a longer stay with the Knicks.

Apart from Bulls, there are a lot of other teams though who are seemingly in pursuit of Melo. The Celtics, the Cavaliers, and the Clippers have also been reportedly in contact with the Kings regarding Melo. Just recently, the Raptors have also been rumored to be making moves to acquire the Knicks small forward. Rumors have it that Jackson was willing enough to exchange deal with any of the said teams to make sure of Melo's disposal. No trades though materialized, even with the Cavs who were reported to be so interested with Melo.

If ever Melo changes his mind, though, the latest trade rumors suggest that he can consider the friendly call of Butler, and embrace a future with the Bulls. If a trade then happens, it is theorized that the Chicago Bulls will give up Taj Gibson and Rajon Rondo, as well as a future first-round pick. On the other hand, if Melo chooses to be with the Raptors, he will embrace a powerful backcourt force with DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry.

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